What does 3rings do?

Steve & Iris

Imagine that just by your loved one going about their daily routine the whole family can know that they are OK each day or, more importantly, be alerted if there might be a problem.

Most elderly loved ones are fiercely independent. 3rings calms the daily concerns that families have and answers the question, ‘is my loved one OK today?’

Regardless of distance and time pressures, 3rings delivers you and your family peace of mind for the times you cannot be there.

That's what 3rings does!

How does it work?

3rings works with a range of sensors that passively monitor your loved one's daily routine, from a simple plug through to the Amazon Echo.

When a 3rings Thing senses your loved one or they use their 3rings Plug enabled appliance, it quietly lets the 3rings Platform know.

Based on the rules set by the family, the 3rings Platform ‘listens’ for activity.

You and your family get notified that everything is OK or alerted if no signal has been received.

Simple as that!

3rings portal

The 3rings Portal allows you to stay informed and up-to-date regarding your Loved Ones.

Know they're OK

Your Things let 3rings know each time they sense your loved one. Current information is displayed so you know your loved ones are active and OK.

Define Rules

Set up times you want us to listen for activity, as well as who and how you want to be notified or alerted.

Invite Family & Friends

Give peace of mind to the rest of your family and use the portal to invite them to be part of your care circle.

…but it’s the data that tells the story.

It's not just about technology…

Circle of Trust

Circle of Trust

With 3rings it's simple to include family, friends and other carers in your circle of trust. We'll let each member know when everything looks good, or help co-ordinate a response if there might be a problem.

Tell 3rings your loved one's daily routine and we'll take care of keeping everyone up-to-date.

3rings calls this Distributed Family Care.

Things that work with 3rings

Things That Care®

3rings has, and works with, a range of Things which can be used to create a unique safety net of care depending upon what you are worried or concerned about.

You can start off with a simple plug that lets you know your loved one is up and about, and add new Things as needed.

What is a Thing?

A Thing is a small device or sensor that sends information over the Internet.

Based upon that information you can create family rules that let you know when everything is OK, or more importantly alert you should they not be.

Things are part of the new revolution happening all around us — its called the Internet of Things (IoT).

Things That Care® Things That Care®

Things 3rings support

3rings Plug

Is Mum or Dad up?

Just by Mum making a cup of tea or Dad turning on the TV the whole family can know that their loved one is up, active and OK.


Is my loved too hot or too cold?

Older people can struggle to regulate their body temperatures. This sensor can tell you if their environment is too cold or equally too hot.


Push the button — you decide the meaning.

Pushing the button can mean anything you want, for example ‘I've just taken my pills’, ‘I feel great today’, or ‘I need help!’.


Is my loved one leaving
the door open at night?

Designed for front and back doors, this sensor lets you know if a door is open or closed.


Is my loved one active?

Simple motion sensors arranged around the home can help protect your loved one.


Is my loved one eating?

Attached to a fridge or microwave door you'll know they're eating, or to a stair lift you'll know they're up and about.

Amazon Echo

Want to know how your loved ones are? Just ask Alexa!
Need help? Tell Alexa!

Amazon Dash

Push the button — you decide the meaning.

Pushing the button can mean anything you want: ‘I've just taken my pills’, ‘I feel great today’, ‘I need help!’.

Samsung SmartThings

Is Mum at home?
Has the carer been?

3rings supports a wide range of SmartThings sensors, including presence sensors which can provide these reassurances.

More things to come

How much does it cost?

3rings Hub packages

Mobile/Ethernet hub + 3 Things of your choice
(Mobile hubs will incur an extra £5 per month to cover data charges)


  • £399 upfront
  • £17.50 per month
  • No commitment

12 Months

  • £0 upfront
  • £37 per month
  • 12 month commitment

Extra sensors

£59: Temperature, Activity, Motion, Open/Close or Button

£79: 3rings Plug

3rings Plug packages

1 x 3rings Plug

Try before you buy

  • Try for 4 weeks
  • No commitment,
    no cost


  • £79 upfront
  • £12 per month
  • No commitment

12 Months

  • £183 upfront
  • No monthly cost
  • Half price plug
    (Save £40)

24 Months

  • £288 upfront
  • No monthly cost
  • Free plug
    (Save £79)

What else can I use with 3rings?

We know that ‘Things’ are going to be available from many companies so the 3rings Platform is designed to work with the best ones available as we try to change the face of social care.

Amazon logo

Want to know Mum is OK? Ask Alexa!

Samsung Smartthings Logo

A range of Things that let you manage your home or, with 3rings, care for your loved ones.

Words from our customers


On at least one occasion over the course of the last 8 or 9 months it certainly saved her life and every day before she went into hospital I had cause to thank you for it - so in my book that little device is worth it's weight in gold.


I received an alert message and promptly called her home phone. Receiving no response, I proceeded to her house only to discover that she'd had a fall on the landing. This later turned out to be due to a serious stroke, but the point is that without your product she may well have lain there for many more hours.

It truly is a wonderful thing, I have been way for a week and still got the messages, never been so relaxed whilst being away.


The 3rings Plug certainly doesn't replace face to face contact with mum – I still regularly pop round to see that she is okay. But it just provides me with that extra bit of reassurance, which is invaluable. I don't know what I'd do without it now.


3rings helps my sister hugely as she lives with Mum but works full time, and can work now without worrying.

A wonderful example of how something so simple can have such a big impact.


My Dad has this plugged into a kettle, easy and unobtrusive way for me to know he's OK during the day when I'm at work.


Really reassuring and a truly brilliant idea. I will recommend it to anyone I know who is in the same situation with their parents.


As usual excellent support and customer service. If only there were more companies that offered as good customer service and support like your company this country would be a much better place to live.


It just helps you sleep at night.


One of the big things that mum really liked about the plug, and was key to her accepting it, was that it is very unobtrusive and doesn't interrupt anything already in place.


It's so simple but you wouldn't believe the difference it's made to my life. It's given me such peace of mind.


It's such a nice feeling to hear that 'ping' on my phone every day – and I feel much closer to home.


The plug has made my already challenged life so much better, knowing I can 'keep an eye' on my 90 year old Mum without intrusion.


Your customer support has been second to none and I think it is a great idea.

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